Waste Analysis and Visualization of Energy

Our new system “WAVE” can reduce your costs by monitoring and visualizing the amount of energy which is used in your dryer. We analyze your throughput and calculate the necessary amount of energy to determine the surplus energy. With these informations, your operator is able to reduce the waste of energy to a minimum.

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The topic in dealing with energy is not only a central focus for ReduPET GmbH, elsewhere this topic has never been as important as it is today, driven by extreme cost increases for electricity and gas and the ever louder demand for climate protection.

The processing plastics industry is certainly one of the sectors that has a significantly above-average energy demand, especially when it comes to large quantities of material, as in the beverage industry when the packaging is a PET bottle. Here, in medium-sized companies, 100 – 200 tonnes of PET raw material are melted to approx. 280°C every day, shaped and cooled down again in a flash – depending on the system efficiency and size, this can amount to 40,000-100,000kWh every day. Physically, however, it is less than half – the rest is additionally used in the dryer, the injection moulding machine with robotics and dry air curtain and the cooling system with pumps – i.e. an efficiency of less than 50%, which can also be significantly lower.

While the injection moulding machine including robotics, dry air and cooling system can often be well monitored by the operator with regard to their energy consumption, this is not the case with the dryer. A drying system is monitored with regard to pre-drying work on the material, but that the dryer is already responsible for introducing half of the heat energy into the PET material is a fact that is often still given far too little attention. This is not due to the operator alone: the dryer is often installed on a mezzanine and thus out of the machine operator’s field of vision. The dryers installed today almost never provide complete information to the machine operator that would enable him to go into deeper detail. This is also due to the many energetic interrelationships that are complex on the dryer. A dryer does not complain if far too much energy is blown into the material, which is then expensively “disposed of” by means of a heat exchanger and cooling machine. Nor does it complain when the energy is insufficient and the injection moulding machine has to compensate uneconomically – often followed by quality defects such as bubble formation, unmelts, black specs, high acetaldehyde values and streaks on the preform.

ReduPET GmbH has taken care of this “gap in the system” and has developed the WAVE system (Waste Analysis Visualization of Energy), which can be retrofitted to all common dryers and offers competent, high-quality training for your employees. 

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