Specialized for PET-resin drying systems

Specialized for PET-resin drying systems

In many cases, the drying system in preform production is responsible for far too high energy consumption in the overall system, increased acetaldehyde concentrations, high preform crystallinity and poor quality.  

If the dryer seems to use little energy, in most cases it does not prepare the material as it should be. Often, control displays are missing in the control system and thus the understanding of the drying process in detail. 

The dryer is the heart of a preform system, but is unfortunately out of sight on a platform and therefore in most cases receives too little attention and is looked for faults on the press.  

Understanding the interaction between the dryer and the preform system can help to solve many problems and save significant amounts of money – while at the same time protecting the environment. We can support you with unique solutions, expertise and extensive experience. The advantage: lower resource requirements with highest preform quality. This is where an investment always pays off – especially today, when the proportion of recycled material is becoming increasingly important. The drying process of recycled material is particularly demanding due to significantly increased condensate formation. 

We would be pleased to evaluate your drying system and make suggestions as to which measures would help you to realize market advantages in preform production.