Consulting and Expert know-how

We offer Consulting and Expert know-how

Would you like to produce more environmentally friendly? 

Would you like to save money and receive tax benefits where possible? 

Would you like to make your products more environmentally friendly by realizing sensible material savings through the technologies Mint-Tec and Neck-Lite (see under Products)?  

Would you like to learn more about the use of recycled materials? Or did you discover in our course that you could realize more saving potentials and thus a higher environmental relief?

Know exactly what your PET material dryer does – it can be mainly responsible for unnecessary energy consumption! There are almost always ways to reduce the environmental impact, increase the quality of your products and lead to significant cost savings.  

Seek the conversation with us – and with it your potentials  

Are you looking for a neutral PET-expert for market understanding in the PET industry or for intellectual property litigation? We have experience in the PET industry in the field of injection molding and blow molding. In many cases, factual and well-founded information and argumentation can support purchase decisions or defuse and resolve conflicts. Thus, the risk of bad investments can be reduced, or unnecessary high costs can be avoided, decision making or litigation processes can be shortened. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you with our expert knowledge.